Established in 2000,

TRANZPLUS ENGINEERING has since grown from a humble company to a Mechanical Power Transmission Specialist in Singapore and Asia Pacific.

With years of experiences, substantial investment in stock and equipments, We keep large inventories of standard products to allow us to provide prompt delivery to customers worldwide and to keep pace with industry’s needs.

Since establishing ourselves in Singapore in 2000, we have, through our business activities, been committed to the preferred vendor for mechanical power transmission solutions.

We provide free design consultation for all mechanical power transmission products:
  • Roller chains & sprocket application.
  • Conveyor chains & sprocket application.
  • Timing Belt & Pulley application.
  • Mechanical Locking System (Power Lock).
  • Flexible Couplings and all mechanical power transmission products.
We also provide:

Technical Support
We provide technical support to all our customers.

Calculation / Selection / Sizing
We help customers to calculate, select and size mechanical power transmission product.

Trouble Shooting
We provide trouble shooting session for customer for their machine failure and capable of providing reports after the trouble shooting session.

V.E. (Value Engineering)
Value Engineering is one of our strong areas where we help customer to improve on process and reduce cost.

R.E. (Reverse Engineering)
We are able to help customer to do reverse engineering so that their part could be able to be modify to suit their machine.

Free Trouble shooting  for all mechanical system and provide reports for our customers.

Free Technical Seminar on Power Transmission Product to our customer to enhance their engineers in calculation and sizing of mechanical power transmission product.